Canada Music Week Online Concert

Celebrating 60 Years

The Yukon Registered Music Teachers' Association is hosting a special online concert to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Canada Music Week.  

This concert features respected Yukon composers and performers, as well as talented YRMTA students playing Canadian compositions. 

The show is being pre-recorded at the Yukon Art Centre and will be available to watch online at the YRMTA website anytime during the week of Nov. 22-28. 

Many thanks to Whitehorse Concerts, Yukon Arts Centre and PJ Productions for making this concert possible. 

About Canada Music Week:

The aims of Canada Music Week are to bring to the attention of the public, through various means, the importance of Canadian music; to support composers and performers of Canadian music; to introduce contemporary music to young Canadians and stimulate a keener appreciation and understanding of this music, and to encourage music educators to widen their knowledge and experience of Canadian works. 

Canada Music Week is organized by the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations.Thousands of Canadians experience Canada Music Week festivities each year in their communities.